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17 Mad for Madonna

October 6th, 2012, marked Madonna’s 30th Anniversary in the entertainment world.

Three decades passed by since “Everybody”, her first single, was released and today she still manages to garner surprise from her longstanding fans and to intrigue and beguile the new generations of listeners.
 Some people love her and others loathe her but, one simple fact remains, everybody knows her name, and everyone knows exactly who she is.

A career that began in the early 1980’s, Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone imposed, through her music and imagery, her opinions, her views and her strong personality to an unsuspecting World.
Over the years, without doubt, she has single handedly managed to amaze and surprise, to scandalize, to shock. She has influenced fashion, music, photography, the myths of femininity and masculinity. She fought and continues to fight for the rights of the minorities worldwide.
As Oscar Winning actress Susan Sarandon once said in an infamous yet recognized quote: “The history of women in popular music can, pretty much, be divided into before and after Madonna”. And she was right. Madonna has changed pop music panorama. She has sold more than 300 million records worldwide (this number continues to rise) and she is recognized by the music industry as the best-selling female recording artist of all time, named in The Guinness World Records. "Time" magazine highly rates and includes Madonna to be one of the "25 Most Powerful Women of the Past Century", stating her as being an "influential figure in contemporary music".

30 years of career also mean 30 years of intense passion for her fans.

Madonna isn’t just a singer, over the years she has become a symbol of strength, bravery and freedom of expression. She has shown her fans how important it is to believe in themselves. Madonna has taught them to freely express themselves without the worry of being judged. She has helped many feel able to face difficulty with bravery. Madonna, her attitude and her music has undoubtedly been the soundtrack of the majority of her fans lifetime, guiding them during the good times and the bad times.
This explains what “MAD – A documentary film” is all about.

A woman that feels spiritually connected to Madonna, a guy who has found in vogueing a way to express himself, a girl that came out thanks to Madonna, a fan that absolutely wants to meet her, an Israeli woman that flew from her duty in the army to see her favorite singer live, a music store in Paris devoted to the Queen of Pop.

We have travelled around the globe to bring you Doll-makers, avid collectors, drag queens, impersonators, tattoo mad fans and those inspired by an Iconic hero with a Rebel Heart.

From the U.S.A to Australia, Israel, France, Italy and The Netherlands, this exciting and informative documentary uncovers the charming and fierce fandom of Madonna, Queen Of Pop.