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The film

The film

What impact has the Queen of Pop’s career had on her fans? What does Madonna represent to the fans? How and where did it all start? How has their life changed, with credit to her?

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Here you have the chance to express yourself and to prove us that you are MAD for Madonna.

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The personal stories of the MAD are intertwined with the main stages of Madonna’s career, seasoned with anecdotes and life experiences. This is not a classic, usual biographic documentary about Madonna; the focus is on the MAD.

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What our MAD say


Denae Pachucki

Denae is a Madonna fan since 1994.

In a lot of ways Madonna has become my religion because I was looking for something to guide me and her music talked to me a lot about the kind of person that I wanted to be.


Robert Jeffries

Thanks to Madonna, at 9 years old, Robert found a way to express himself.

Many years ago, she said "If you want to pay tribute to me, do something important with your life". And those words really ran through to me.

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