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Now I find I’ve changed my mind This is my religion Madonna, Drowned World/Substitute For Love BEYOND EVERYTHING We are created by God, shaped by others. And some people take the biggest part of shaping us. ‘’Madonna’’ plays that role in my life. My life separates two parts as Before Madonna (BM) and After Madonna (AM). I am sure that is the same for all Madonna fans. After a hard childhood, dark early years in New York, Madonna could make a new bright world for herself. And you know, for many people. I used to be a little diffident girl who did not believe herself. I used to be the ‘’poor weirdo’’ where ever I be because of I was different in some way. Then Madonna showed up in my life in 2000 and started to change everything. First she fascinated me with her perfect music. Her voice still touches my heart… After that, I was impressed by her fearlessness, independentness, limitlessness and power. She made me learn lots of things. I have met brilliance of art, music, dancing, love and Kabbalah by help of her. I have re-invented myself and reached the ‘’light’’. On each new album, each new tour, each new project Madonna presents people new notions. She allways makes something new and re-invent it with her creativity. That is another reason why Madonna affects people potently. She never let us get bored by renewing herself and not repeating her art. Unfortunately, many people do not understand Madonna well. Even her some fans. She allways gives messages of unconditional love, peace, being tollerant, sharing love and helping others. But some people do not see it and continueing to compare her with other artists and kick up a fuss. In Madonna’s book, these actions do not exist. Another problem; if you people love her so much, why don’t you support her projects enough? And on social media, news and photos of her personal life take lots of ‘’likes’’ and ‘’comments’’ but not her actions about poor children in Africa or educating girls, why? Similarly, why doesn’t the press give due importance to that kind of news? Please everybody support Madonna and people who needs help. Madonna –Queen of Hearts- , thank you for openning my eyes and making me a person expresses herself freely. Thank you for re-creating me. What does ‘’Christopher Flynn’’ mean to you, you mean that to me… Nil Aycan

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