I Love Madonna!!!!!

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Hi my names Rachel and I'm a Madonnaholic

I Love Madonna!!!!!

My names Rachel i'm from Columbus Ohio.

I've been a Madonna fan about 22 years. I was 9 years old. my sister was always listening to her music. the moment I heard her cute and beautiful voice I just immediately fell in love with her. her music makes happy and always wanna dance. I feel like I have a really close connection with her because she lost her mom at a young age, I lost my mom when I was 22 years old. so I can understand how she misses her mom all the time just like how I miss my mom every single day.

I've watched all her tours throughout her career I didn't get a chance to see her live until 2012 when the MDNA tour was here! I was looking at all the tour dates and I saw Cleveland Ohio and I just got so excited I couldn't believe she was gonna be in my city! I've been waiting like forever for her to come to my city! it was like the best news I've ever gotten! Lol I went on Twitter and started tweeting her manager Guy Oseary and then I got a message from a lovely woman named Sam, she told me to contact her, I told her I realllllllly wanted to be in the Golden Triangle and she made it happen it was very sweet of her to do that! it was a total dream come true! I had the best time ever! it felt so amazing to be that close to Madonna! I so wish I could rewind to that moment and watch it over and over again!

Madonna inspires me in so many ways! but she definitely inspires me to sing! I've always loved to sing ever since I was little. I love doing karaoke and singing her songs. my first Madonna album that I came across was the immaculate collection. I can never pick a favorite Madonna song cause it changes all the damn time! same goes for her albums but I think the album that turned me into a big fan was Bedtime Stories I looooove that album!

My favorite Madonna movie is a league of their own. I think she's a great actress I don't even pay attention to what the shitty critics say about her which feels like 24/7! everytime she says something or does something on stage these idiots have to ruin it! shut your piehole!

I feel the most inspired by all the fans from all over the world! I feel very blessed and greatful to have some great friendships I've made! Madonna makes the friendships come together!

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