I re-invented 40 Madonna Videos

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Madoona Tribute (ill always be MAD for MDNA )

I re-invented 40 Madonna Videos

Ever since i can remember i am a Madonna Fan. I put her in a higher position than god in my life. She had inspired me to be who i am today. Not only her music but her dedication to wat ever she does, her fearless attitude and her resiliency has made me what i always want to be. Being in india and being the only child of my parents i am too overprotected, i know my parents will never let me go to see her concert outside my country and my life will always be incomplete because i wont be able to see her ever in my lifetime. Thus i decided to Pay her the biggest tribute that a fan has ever given her, i choose 40 of her song and re invented them to show my love for her. and even though everyone tried to tell me im wasting time of my life, i told them this is what i want to do, this is all i can give her, i have nothing else to give her than my love, Hope someday she will know about my Endless and unconditional love for her.

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  • Fortinastar


    26 August 2013 at 07:55 |
    Today your dedication has made a difference already in the life of one Soul, Iban. "Follow your heart wherever ir leads..."
    Love from Berlin,


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