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How Madonna Rescued/Created Me

Hi,My name is Alejandro, I'm a mexican 18yo guy, my history with madonna starts on 2003, I saw her on MTV Vmas 2003 when I was almost nine and it was shockeating,but I became fan on 2008, I discovered a lot of her songs and I loved them, all her videos and all her tours, these gave me a little sparkle of creativity. On 2010 I didn't believe in miracles or in god, but her arriving to my city for her first Gym Inauguration "Hard Candy Fitness Launch Party" made me change of mind, that happened because when I attended it I didn't have a pass for access the party,but a tall blond and fancy man gave to my mom a pass...FOR FREE! I thought he was an angel, and thats when I Saw her for the very first time very near, that was a miracle for me and was one of the best days of my life.In that year I was beggining as a Graphic Designer, and my first pictures were all about her. On 2011 my iife changed in a bad way when my grandma died, I was very sad (I'm still a little) but one song of Madonna helped me a little with that pain, the song is called "Inside Of Me" as Madonna talks about her mother death, I got reflected in that song, In that year I decided to lose some weight, And I got it dancing Madonna's Choreoghaphies. In that year I was getting my own style and that's because she inspired me for getting it. 2012 arrived and that was the year of the queen, In that year I've got more Madonna things than ever! Lessons,friends and merchandising,In this time I've got better in my designs,a lot of my desings were appretiated for the fans as official pictures,and that was a sign that meant that I was making better my work,I attended the MDNA Tour on my country and I've got the courage for attending it with a desguise, even I've got a TV Interview and I told there that she made a lot of things for me in an artistic way. 2012 was very changed for me, I realized that the stuff of tags religion and politic are shit, My mind opened more and I thank her for it, I met a lot of my best friends for her too and international, I learnt to speak/read/write on english for her.In 2012 I've got my own style and that's because her music inspired me, even she helped me when my heart was broken. On 2013 I started talking with Monte Pittman (Madonna's Guitarrist) and I really love that man and I'd never knew him if she never played with him on her tours, I love Madonna and Monte,and Monte is very spetial for me because he likes the artworks I make for him.And Thats very spetial for me because one of my biggest inspirations loves my work. In this 2013 I made a lot of artistic projects about Madonna and all them were loved by the fans.That makes me a Graphic Design, My most popular artworks are all about Madonna, she gave me the dream of being a Graphic Designer, and her music gives me the inspiration I need for making it. She inspires me for being someone different and good, for open my eyes and keep far for bad things as drougs and bad music. I love all the things she does and I respect her and admirate her she gave me the security for changing myself in a good way and reinvent myself, being the person who I am.That's what Madonna means for me: Love, Art, Inspiration, Music, Friendship, Power, Strong, Freedom, Expression and the good things of the life. Thanks for all the things you made and you'll make for me Madonna. I'll Always thank you and I'll Always Love you.

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