Lifelong MADONNA fan

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Lifelong MADONNA fan

It started in 1984, I was nine when I first saw her. I was hooked, thank you Mtv. I knew the songs, but the image was out of this world.
I started collecting clippings and now have a collection in storage worth $$$$ I've seen every tour since The Virgin Tour. I still have all my tickets. I won front row seats from Mtv back in '06 and I am a MDNA triangle bitch.
I always disliked my birthday when I was a child, it was over the summer and never could celebrate in school like many other friends. It was soon I discovered Madonna & I share the same birthday. I was born on her 16th birthday.
** If you google Madonna and Leah Cullen (maiden name), you will see she answered my question on how she celebrated on her website.
** I am also featured in the ICON # 40 Fan Profusion section, thanks to Caresse Henry.
I was M's guest in 2003 @ Mtv and met her during On Stage & for the Record. I was backstage with Guy, Liz, the band, choir, and Ingrid.
I have 3 personalized autographs signed just for me.
I was also given a personal tour of the Ciccone Vineyard by her father.
I was invited into their beautiful home and he shared many personal family photos placed on their hutch.
I am featured in the MDNA concert footage right after M mentions Rocco and puts her arm around him in Open Your Heart.

Check out my Instagram for some of my M pics!!

twitter: @madonnamuse
instagram: leahmichelle816
ICONER: ryalea

Madonna inspires me every day. She inspired me to sing, write, record, and everytime I hit the stage. She inspires me to be strong and a better person each day

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