A Madonna fans's man

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One of her most interesting fans

A Madonna fans's man

Well, Ive been an avid Madonna collector for my whole life. Madonna is one of my 1st memories and even my mother said it was the first time seeing her on American Bandstand that I was entranced by something for the first time and even hearing her on the radio and not even knowing the song yet, I KNEW it was Madonna.

I recently dated her brother Christopher for about 8 months and was at Madonna's parents house this summer (yes I have exclusive pics btw no one has seen) but he and I just live too far apart so it didnt work out, Still a great guy and I didnt date him to get close to her seeing as I never officially met her through him but she has a wonderful family. Joan and I watched movies together and her father and I had beers on the back porch and talked for hours. Her brother Mario took me on back of his 4 wheeler around the vineyard. It a was a great week. Madonnas pics were scattered around the house. It was interesting to say the least. I dont want to exploit anyone but Ive been such a fan I own everything Madonnas done musically and film wise. I buy every magazine and have more posters than I need lol. Hell, Ive dressed up for Halloween as her (hilarious that I won the costume contest at 2 places). I own every fan mix I can get my hand on and have ever demo and unreleased song possible.

I think being a good looking guy (not to be full of myself) but very nice and well spoken, also have as much knowledge as one could have, I think Id be an excellent person for your documentary.

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