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Your Study And Science Of POPULAR CULTURE!™

The Introduction: My name is Joe Rey. I am an accomplished Director & Production Designer since 1989. I have participated in Oscar winning films such as, Age Of Innocence, Philadelphia, Twelve Monkeys, and MTV Nominated Music Videos, such as Busta Rhymes "Gimmie' Some Mo", Fugees "Ready Or Not", Spice Girls "Spice Up Your Life", Backstreet Boys "Larger Than Life", and as far back as Boyz ll Men "Motown Philly" (and many, many more!) The Set Up: Elite Universities such as Berkley, NYU, UCLA, USC, Harvard, etc. all have Popular Culture Studies classes, that are taught by exquisite Professors & charge premiums for this education. This is the basis of RELEVANCY for POPOLOGY®, and my adoration & connection to Madonna. POPOLOGY® is primarily to be launched as a MOVIE, to first showcase awareness of it's brand MEME usage & assorted creative applications. The essential concept of POPOLOGY® is teaching "Self Expression" as a bridge to commerce for the global population. Madonna is my targeted Partner & Co-Star, in the final (13 year self funded documentary) scene about to be shot on August 16th, 2014 (Madonna's Birthday) in Central Park (@ 2:PM) shortly then after, the POPOLOGY® APP with an attached (education) Media Literacy Module will be released, then eventually a Broadway Musical "POPOLOGY®, The POP OPERA! The Story: In 1998 Madonna released "Ray Of Light". The single "Little Star" inspired me to become a Director and write an UNSOLICITED Music Video Treatment. I spent $10,000.00 on the pitch, I was able to submit my concept to Madonna's P.R. Firm, Liz Rosenberg in New York & simultaneously to her Maverick Records Manager, (the missed) Caresse Henry, in Los Angeles. I Production Designed the "Little Star" lullaby, Music Video Concept in two, twin, 40" COCOON Shaped Pods, wrapped in Japanese fibre paper, equipped with "Little Star" music that audibly played when opened. An impression of new born babies were sculpted into each COCOON. Including beautiful linen scrolls, with the Video Concept in each pod as well, a light dusting of glitter, & a spritz of nautical aroma for authenticity, (like a naive Dorothy from the Wizard Of Oz) I thought I was off to see & work for Madonna. Several witnesses still exist of the COCOON's magical presentation qualities. The response was enthusiastic by each of Madonna's coastal counterparts, yet a Music Video was not slated for the single. Mrs. Liz Rosenberg & Caresse Henry, praised my efforts & made a promise to keep their eye on my developing Directing Career. Retrieving the Los Angeles COCOON, I stored the "Little Star That Couldn't", art project in my closet for 2.5 years, and moved on to direct music videos & spots for other almost as big Musicians and Brands, (LeAnn Rimes, Courtney Love, Brian Adams, KC & Jo-Jo, Ricky Martin, etc.) Then struck September 11th. I pulled Madonna's COCOON out from my closet to venture to London, (carrying an exposed COCOON on American Airlines Airplanes), navigating extreme security processes & heralding POPOLOGY® as a Global Inner Peace Plan. I expressed to everyone on my path, that I was journeying to physically meet Madonna for her help with POPOLOGY®! The rest is HER STORY! (Just ask Barbara Cherone (London PR, & Liz Rosenberg US PR Agency) Lot's has happened in 13 years. POPOLOGY® is finally a succinct brand potential that can service the POPULATION efficiently, and Liz & Madonna have cautiously complimented it's potential. I have not sat with her Majesty as of yet. I believe I will after my public celebration of her 56th Birthday, in NYC & giving her the gift of POPOLOGY® & POPOLOGIST® TRADEMARK assignments. Then it is time for the Global PARTY to begin!

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