She taught me how to...

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She taught me how to...

When I think of the influence Madonna has had on me, I immediately think of fearlessness. The 1990-1994 era had a profound effect of me. I still have the framed photo of her hitchhiking naked on the streets of Miami in my home. That image, raw, naked, uncompromising, is so important to my life. I have become an actor and have taken on many roles that scare the hell out of me because of the courage I have gained from following Madonna my whole life. I can remember my mother giving me the "You Can Dance" album (on vinyl!) when I was young and being almost hypnotized by her. The "Immaculate Collection" was the first cd I ever bought and I remember my mother showing me how to ope the jewel case and insert the disc into the player…! "Erotica" is still my favorite album of all time and I have the best memories experiencing that album. That record got me through a lot of hard times and I still consider it her best. I remember watching her "Sooner or Later" performance at the Academy Awards on a little black and while television in my bedroom in Upstate New York. I was thrilled, kind of scared of her in a way. So unabashed, so… crazy! As an adult, I have followed her to London to see "Up For Grabs" (where I waited outside the theatre just to get a glimpse of her as she walked out to her car) and have seen all of her live shows since The Drowned World Tour. It's so difficult to sum up 30 years of influence. But I guess I would have to say that my love and appreciate of music and artistic freedom have all stemmed from Madonna. Thank you, Madonna, for shaping a little boy to the man who isn't scared to say "FUCK YOU" to those who wanna shove him down!!

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