Why I am mad For Madonna

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Why I am mad For Madonna
I follow her now 33 years and THE love is only go blogger. IT is a addiction and a virus but I Will never want this virus to go. She brings a lot For me in My life. Not only THE Music but also her way of life and her expression to THE world. I admire All she does. But most of All because of her I see THE world going on Tour with her in Europe and US and Bangkok. See television shows live and All. For me she is a goddes. She helped me true a lot of strugles in My life. She brings joy and love and that you can believe in yourselve. She brings me also THE best friends ever. In 2008 I met at THE concert 3 girls/fans and still we are friends. We go to THE cinema together, we go out eating and dancing. We cry and talk. We have fun. We share everything. We share our love from Madonna and goning on Tour with eachother. Madonna is following me on twitter and I have 4 tattoo's. I've got last week a picture from here with signature personal to me. I am so happy. My dreams is to thank her, Kiss her or give here a hug. She is THE best. I have A group For years on Facebook dianaluvmadonna to share All our love from All fans. We are 1 family. I have a website dianaluvmadonna and do a lot For media, interviews on television and newspapers.

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