Madonna's Rebel Heart Empowered My Life

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Touched by Madonna, My Rebel Angel

Madonna's Rebel Heart Empowered My Life
It began in 1984 when I saw the "Like a Virgin" music video on TV, I was 8 then and 30 years later I am still dedicated to Madonna. I followed her entire career but the day I became a Super-Mega Fan was in 1989-1990 the album Like a Prayer was released I saw the music video for the title track and I was enthralled to this day that video is still a visual work of art, and subject matter of the song very deep. The Tour that followed the release of that classic album, Blond Ambition was theatrics and story telling, like a play and I had never seen anything like it, I thought to myself Madonna is brilliant a genius, I always loved her songwriting and her music and can she ever dance and her style has always been trend-setting, Her songs touch me and I find not only Madonna in her own songs but myself I relate to her and therefore Madonna is my light in the darkness, my guardian angel. All of her albums have valuable messages to her fans to believe in ourselves to not settle for second best to fight for what we believe in and to not be mediocre, to not give up on love no matter how many times it hurts you. Madonna's Erotica Sex era was empowering to me a young teenage girl, M educated me and taught me that Sex is not the enemy and should not be taboo and that gave me a healthy outlook on Sex that it is okay for a girl/woman to have sexual fantasies. Then enter Ray Of Light another album that answered questions of Spirituality at the right time when I was seeking those answers then comes Confessions album another fun but deep & sensual masterpiece that moved me beyond words and that brings me to today's album and era Rebel Heart I still identify with what Madonna writes about her music touches my soul... her songs still bring me to tears because how poignant- moving her words and music is and again she says things to challenge your beliefs your way of thinking Madonna keeps you on your toes, She is constant and ever changing, hungry for knowledge and she is inspiring, She will always be remembered as a revolutionary a pioneer a trailblazer and satisfied constantly challenging her people her fans, her listeners to better themselves Madonna brings enlightenment to me and the fans and she has forever changed me, my life will never be the same. I love you always and forever Madonna. I would like to include some things I have been featured in I was interviewed by a local newspaper journalist for my Madonna Collection back in 1994 when I was 17 and I was featured on social media's Instagram fan page MadonnaForFans and I made it into OMFC's icon for a contest I won.

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